A Message from the Network Chairman

Join the AAPP Private Care Network

For years, the AAPP has provided its members an informal reciprocity network for providing patients with access to private medical care when they travel. We have accumulated countless stories from members and their patients applauding the benefits of this service as a real value to patients and a driver of patient loyalty for AAPP member practices.

What we have not done until now is provide AAPP members with the ability to easily market this informal reciprocity network as a benefit to patients considering joining their practices.

The AAPP has created and branded the Private Care Network to allow you to use this valuable service in your marketing to your patients and prospective patients. The Private Care Network is being chaired by AAPP member, Dr. Robert Briskin who has already met with tremendous success as a patient benefit in his own practice.

If you would like to take part in the Private Care Network, we ask that you register here, and we will send you the Private Care Network logo in high resolution for you to use in your marketing along with other ideas and sample letters that have been used successfully to promote the network to patients.

Soon, this site will become an official directory of all AAPP member practice that have opted into the Private Care Network.

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